PUBG Voucher – 3850 UC


Pubg Vouchers are only for Resellers & Wholesalers, so they can redeem and sell to their customers.

Kindly buy vouchers, if you know how to redeem it.

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  1. PUBG Vouchers are available in best rates just for Resellers & Wholesalers.
  2. Before buying the stock, you should know the use of PUBG vouchers.
  3. These vouchers are for global version, you can’t use them in Korean or any other server.
  4. One month expiry from the purchasing date.
  5. No claim for vouchers, which will be used after the buying date.
  6. We are not responsible for any misuse of vouchers.
  7. This product is non returnable & refundable, can’t even exchange with other products.
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